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Hi Jacci


Ek kan eerlik se dat dit n wonderlike ervaring was en al was n mens bang aan die begin soos die mense maar van Israel praat, het ek die rustigheid en kalmte ervaar die oomblik toe ons daar geland het in Israel.

Baie dankie vir Jacci wat ons gedurig op hoogte gehou het van al die reelings. Dit was uitstekend gedoen.  Ek het nie een oomblik verlore gevoel in Israel nie. Jacci was n regte "ma".  n Mens kon met enigiets na Jacci toe kom en u sou help.

Alle beplanning rondom die toer was baie goed gedoen en ek sal enige een aanbeveel om die toer saam met Jacci te onderneem. Ek sal dit nou nie as enigiets negatief sien nie ,maar die enigste oomblik toe ek paniekerig geraak het was met die vervoer in Egipte. Dit is buite Jaccii se beheer

En dit is mos maar hoe hulle daar ry.

Weereens baie dankie vir alles en Gods rykste seen op die pad vorentoe met alle reelings.

Hoop om Jacci gou in Kaapstad te sien.

Groete Judy



Israel toer Mei 2015


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Leilah Cilliers <>


My hoogtepunte van die toer was beslus die rustigheid van die See van Galilea, Masada, Jesus se graf en natuurlik Jerusalem.

Ek het die toer spesifiek baie geniet omdat dit 'n lekker klein groepie was. Ons kon met gemak rondbeweeg, sonder om mekaar te verloor. Ons kon ook mekaar goed leer ken en het beslus vriendskappe gesmee.  

Live the Land tours word hoog aanbeveel. Jacci Peter, die toer leier, doen deeglik haar huiswerk en alles loop baie glad. As gas op haar toer, het ek heeltyd op my gemak gevoel, wetende sy het die lysels.

Dit is 'n kans van 'n leeftyd, moet dit nie misloop nie!!!

Leilah Cilliers

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Eleanor Laubscher <>



 Die toer was uitstekend gereel en die gevoel dat daar na elkeen se behoeftes omgesien was. Henry asook die gids en bestuurder in Egipte gee daardie ekstra iets aan die toer omdat dit mense is wat jy al n verhouding mee opgebou het.

 Vir my was dit magiese oomblikke om te sien en beleef, die plekke wat Jesus gewoon en geloop het. Dit verskaf n beter begrip as ek nou my Bybel lees, ek kan in my geestesoog sien wat die omstandigshede was.

 Indien ek erens in die toekoms wel die geleentheid kry sal ek weer Israel wil besoek.

 Liefde Eleanor



Glory to God! I am truly blessed to go on tour with people that love one another, live to their fullest, and to see The Word of Life as it is, as it was, and as it will be.  Thank you Jesus!  love... Jacci 



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J Allwood   



“Live The Land Tours” is an experience of Israel and Egypt that is absolutely outstanding and exciting because of the incredible detailed organisation of the tour leader, Jacci. She put in a tremendous amount of effort and energy to make every day adventurous, enjoyable and worthwhile.

 She made sure that the group was well-informed about each part of the itinerary. She united the group and cared for the safety and comfort of each individual. Because of her previous experience of tours and staying in the Holy land, her local contacts added to the depth of our experience to “live the land”, unlike other tourists.

 Above all, Jacci’s spiritual emphasis and enthusiasm, led us to experience a “mountain top” holiday, that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

 Jill Allwood

Jacci with her Live the Land Tours has given us a truly amazing and comprehensive experience of Israel, and a marvellous glimpse of Egypt.  Our tour driver Henry told us personally that in all his experience of being with tours and tour leaders, our tour (Live the Land Tours) is the best and most comprehensive.  I agree, as I don’t think any other group could have had as varied an experience of Israel as we did.  We saw so much and really ‘Lived the Land’.  This tour has been a highlight of my life and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, with a tour leader who has a heart for her Lord and for Israel.  What an amazing time we had!  I have no hesitation in recommending Live the Land Tours to anyone.  Jacci’s personality and friendliness and flexibility have made our trip special.  Her advice along the way was really helpful, and her knowledge of Israel, together with her contacts, and all the extra things she did beyond the norm, gave us a truly wonderful time.  Anne Allwood 


Re: Ingrith Roberts to Live the Land


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  Live the Land Tours suggests that there are opportunities to, not only be a tourist and see the many interesting places, but to go beyond and get to know more.  Standing on corners being able to watch the 'buzz' of the local people, and tourists, go by, takes time and encouragement from the tour leader. Visiting some of the local people for refreshments and chats was something really special. Shop keepers who treat one, not only as money in the pocket, but as special was energising. This was due to Jacci, on previous tours and her time spent in Israel networking and getting to know people personally. She has built up a repertoire of friends who are excited to see her on her return to their land. 

Of course we enjoyed the hotels, but to stay at the Bedouin camp was truly out of this world! The backpackers stay brought us into contact with other tourists who we recognised during our trips and this developed international bonds - perhaps not lasting but a sense of warmth at sharing our experiences.  I was interested in the conservation and development of the land. Jacci adapted the programme to enable us to visit a Kibbutz. It was wonderful and enjoyed by all. This gives strength to any tour leader to being flexible without breaking - and yes, we did have to hurry up on some things to make up for the visit, but we did it! Being a small group we were able to see and experience so much more. Moving to and from the bus to the site was quick with few delays. Up close and personal is what I would call Live The Land Tours."      Love Ings


Jacci Peter has lived and worked in Israel.  She has at least two passions: one is for her Lord Jesus Christ, and the second is for Israel and all people.

The name of her tour experience is “Live the Land” and for our tour, it really has been this.  Jacci has remarkable people and communication skills, which she uses to navigate, single-handed, the complexities and challenges, anticipated and unexpected, in planning and completing such a tour. 

The tour has been a great experience, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, as we have walked, driven, worshipped and shopped though Israel and a little bit of Egypt.  Thank you Jacci!  Clifford Allwood

 Hi Jacci,                                                                                  10th November 2014.

Just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing time we had together it was wonderful. We appreciate all the hard work that you had to do in order for us to get the most out of the tour & that, we certainly did. Thank you so very much.

May God bless this wonderful calling that you have.  

Looking forward to the 29th of Nov. when we all get together again.  

Go well & God bless.  Love Penny & Monty.

Ps ….We would love to order the DVD of the tour.

 Well done, Jacci!

                              Our small group of ten tourists, Jacci & a delightful selection of three careful bus drivers made for flexibility, friendship & fun as we discovered the land which Jesus called “home”.

We visited the places where He walked & taught His disciples.  We sailed with the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee.  We came to understand the many complexities in the history & peoples of Jerusalem.

In places of deep Christian significance, like the Garden Tomb, we broke bread & experienced Jesus with us in a tangible way.  On two occasions we were privileged to join in worship with Christians from other parts of the world, other languages & other cultures.  It was exciting to discover the unifying key – Jesus in the centre.

                                Jacci, your knowledge of the land of Israel & its people in these modern times is also outstanding.  It gives Live the Land Tours a special meaningful flavor as we not only lived the land but met the people – from Christians, to Jews, to Moslems; from kibbutz workers to Bedouins.

                                Both in a spiritual & in a physical sense we have “lived the land” for the past two weeks.  Thank you, Jacci, for having given us so much of yourself & for having shared so many aspects of your love of Israel with us.

                                Finally, what a blessing to have a leader who, while on tour, demonstrated the love, joy & care of Jesus daily, in her personal relationships! Lesley Helfer


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J Allwood <>



I appreciated the way in which you stamped your authority on the group from the start. Your smiling leadership, clear instructions and information of the daily activities was very comforting for the people who had never experienced this kind of tour.

Your little gifts and gestures of love, were really appreciated. Your networking, contacts and spontaneous changes of plans added to the excitement of each day.

We truly “lived the land”-----including luxury and plain fare + poverty----serendipity moments---soldiers carrying guns---mother’s pushing prams—children bustling----huge walls—Jews praying----fancy shops and “rat-hole” shops.

 Well done Jacci! You are an anointed Holy Land guide, giving glory to our Lord.  Vernon Allwood


Live the Land Tour  -  Israel - October 2013 
The Village Talk news paper - Howick
My wife, Sharon and I traveled to Israel in October 2013 with Jacci Peter of Live the Land Tours - what an experience!  Jacci has a wonderful affinity with the people of Israel and we had the opportunity to benefit from the personal friendships she has buit in Israel with so many people, be they Jews, Arabs, Bedouins or Druze.
We so appreciated that we were a part of a small group of 15 people with whom we built close friendships - our fellowship with one another continuing to this day as we meet regularly.  To walk in the footsteps of Christ and to witness the way people live and worship is a special and unforgettable experience and brings to life one's Christian walk.  We walked the boardwalk at Tiberius, sailed on the sea of Galilee, prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, floated in the Dead Sea, tackled Masada on foot, experienced a new and healthy way of eating...Jerusalem...what a special place - a true melting pot of cultures...the centre of it all. Prayer, worship, songs - nothing will ever be quite the same again. We recommend that you do the trip and "Live The Land"   Robin and Sharon Barnsley, Dargle.

Dear Jacci

Thank you for an unforgettable Live the Land experience.  Our 12 days in The Holy Land met all my expectations and more, despite a few hiccups which are inevitable.  Its really hard to sum it all up:   a cacophony of people, food, sites, experiences, noise,  information
and emotions. Tiring, brain overload, fun, and wonderful.  It really is a Live the Land experience – visiting  the Druze people and  Bedouin people and cultures. The foods of the Arabic people and Jewish Shabbat. The travel in time from Roman / biblical ruins to the modern city of Jerusalem.  An unforgettable stay in the Old City. Sailing on the Galilee and a camel ride in the desert. Cable car rides and the quiet time of an afternoon retreat. Visiting the significant biblical sites and getting a new perspective on the stories with which we are so familiar. Trying to get my head around the complicated politics – past and present, of Israel, and engaging with the local people.  It was amazing and unforgettable.  And amidst all the business, you find time to gently touch base with each person in the group, and add a special personal touch of little gifts all along the way.  Right down to a call the day after we came home, just to enquire how we were adjusting to “the real world”.  Jacci, you have a unique, special approach to showcasing Israel and it was a great blessing and privilege to have been part of such a tour. May you continue to grow.

God Bless you richly in this special ministry He has given you. 

Love, Sharon Manser   25.10.2013


Oct 2013 tour

Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:01:22 +0200

The Merricks

Live the Land Tours  

Hi Jacci,   I had a memorable tour to Israel, never to be forgotten.  This was due to the thoroughness and attention to detail  by Jacci to see that everything on the tour ran smoothly.  Her kindness and loving nature were evident to all of us and especially to all her friends in Israel where she is much loved.  Aharon, our experienced Christian guide, brought the biblical places alive and his history of Israel was amazing.  Added to this was his wonderful sense of humour.  Well done Jacci.  Thank you for a wonderful tour.  Thank you for your caring and generous spirit.  There were lots of special moments which I have been telling my husband and my maid about. 

May you go from strength to strength in Live the Land
Tours.  Luv  Sandy Merrick

Assisting on the "I Believe 777" tour to Israel - with Oak Ministries - June 2013

Greetings in Yeshua’s name.

I bless you all & bring greetings from my husband Ps Logan in Durban. Thank you family of God, for the wonderful time spent together in Israel. A trip that I will never forget about God’s Great Love for we His Children.  May God richly pour out His blessings on you all.

Jacci you wonderful woman of worth, may unmerited favour be yours. Thank you, Shalom Shalom in Yahweh, Kind

Sulosh Gopaul

 Shalom Jacci,

 'n Groot DANKIE vir jou reuse aandeel om die Israel toer vir ons SO spesiaal en besonders te maak; dankie veral vir jou vriendelikheid
en innemende geaardheid, die lofprysingsdanse waarin ons kon deel, die laataand bus-en treinry-ekskursies na die Ou Stad in Jerusalem en Eilat waterfront toe, die reël van die "lazer show" by die David Toring, wenke en hulp met aankope  en al die baie ander dingetjies wat ek dalk nie eers van weet nie. Nooit was jy ongeduldig, kort-af of geïrriteerd met ons nie. Jy's 'n pragtige mens en ons het jou geniet.  

 Die toer was fantasties en ek sal lewenslank die wonderlike herinneringe aan Israel met my saamdra.
Daar was so baie hoogtepunte en "magic" oomblikke.... Die Bybel het ook vir my 'n realiteit geword.  Mag ons Vader jou toere seën; mag Hy jou bewaar, Sy aangesig oor jou laat skyn en vir jou Sy vrede en guns skenk.

 Blessings, Debbie

 Hi Jacci, mis jou borrelende entoesiasme! Baie dankie
shalom en baie blessings vir jou! Claudia

Hi Jacci. dankie vir al jou by stand met die wonderlike toer die vriendskap is kosbaar/ wie weet meskien sien ek jou weer eendag
met 'n ander toer. die Here seén jou en maak jou baie voorspoedig met jou besigheid. liefde Hester.

Hi Jacci Nogmaals baie dankie vir jou aandeel in hierdie ongelooflike leersame toer Dit was 'n FEES TOER Ek spaar vir 'n volgende keer
Hoop jy het 'n vrolike-lekker-lag dag Shalom Annette

 Jacci baie dankie vir jou spesiale leiding en aandag vir elkeen in die groep na Israel. Dit was absoluut wonderlik en geseend gewees. Israel sal altyd deel van my hart wees. Dankie vir die saam dans. Hoop en glo ons gaan dit weer doen. Prys die Here. Hy is goed!

Hi Jacci, Ek is ook opgewonde om al die foto’s te sien van die 9 ekstra daggies.  Dit was regtig ‘n asemrowende tyd wat ek veraltyd sal koester.  Almal is mal oor my ring, ek is so bly ek het besluit om hom te koop, ietsie wat ek elke dag van Israel saam met my dra.  Hoop julle geniet nog die lekker warm weer, dis baie koud in Johannesburg en ek mis die son! 

Groete, Cherandi

 Friends in Christ , Nice to see everyone even if it is only on pictures, what
a nice crowd a holiday I will always remember.  Blessings Ina

 Hallo Jacci, hoop dit gaan nog goed? Ons mis julle baie.  Baie dankie weereens vir die wonderlike geleentheid om die toer mee te kon maak, dit was voorwaar 'n Geestelike geseënde voorreg gewees. Groete daar in Israel!   Liefdetjies 
Belinda Duvenage

Liefste Jacci,  Dit is Zelda hier.Jammer, ek laat nou eers van my hoor. Ek mis jou al klaar!

Baie,baie dankie vir al die reelings wat jy getref het, nie eers te praat
van die aande wat jy tot laat admin moes doen.

Jys n pragtige mens van binne en buite. Dankie vir al jou liefde,omgee en
die saam swem in die Rooi see.  

Blessings,Zelda Prinsloo

Private tour to Israel - November 2012

From: Ken
Date: 2012/12/03 08:01:49  PM
Subject: 1st Israeli  tour
May I take this opportunity to say that I was  blessed to be one of the group who were members of the  first tour of “Live the  land” into Israel.  Everything about the tour was wonderful, the places visited,  the insight given by the tour guide, the spiritual experience, the special free  time, as well as all the in between things that made the whole 14 day trip worth  it.  I can wholly recommend it to all age groups.  If you are considering  travelling in the coming future then make certain you give “live the land” a  call, you won’t be sorry! 
 Ken Haynes.
Date: 2012/12/04 07:38:46  PM
Subject: Re: Israel November  2012
Thanks Jacci
The tour was stunning.
Thanks for everything. I wish you all the best in the future.
I know you  can be successful.
Best regards,  Andre