My name is Jacci, and my Passion is organising! I love people! and I luv, luv, luv chocolates!! oh! and my daxie, Roxy!

Ordinary, is what I am. No celebrity, or beauty queen, just unconditionally Loved By God!  He loves us so!

Whilst I offer day trips, in and around KZN Midlands, I have many South African Adventures for you to explore, including tours to other Countries. Currently I am planning tours to Israel...with a difference!

"You'll never be the same!"  "It's life changing!"  That's what I kept hearing when I took my first trip to Israel.  After been lead back to Israel, numerous times, I can confirm...It's true!

I am Proudly South African, and I love my home!  What I can't explain, when landing in Israel, it's like "coming home!"

Listening to people's experiences and stories, and experiencing much of my own, I finally realised what would make your visit, to Israel, something to talk about!  I would love to share with you, what people really want!



Roxy "saying her prayers"